Your Hacker Identity.

MyMLH is an API that enables hackers to easily share and manage their data in one click.

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Simple One Click Registration.

With MyMLH, you can enable hackers to register for an event and share their data with you in a single click.

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1Create an Application.

Quickly create an application to generate an API Key and Secret that you can use for your event. You can use these keys to accept registrations and manage your user data.

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2Add a Register Button.

Add a "Register" button to your website that points users to MyMLH. You'll be able to get the code for this once you've created your app. If you need to customize the flow, MyMLH integrates with most frameworks and languages out of the box.

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3Manage your Users.

Now that you're accepting registrations, you'll be able to view and manage the list of users who have shared their data with you. You'll have access to all their basic information and if you need more you can easily extend the API to get it.

There are lots of benefits.

It's quick to get started and you can easily extend the API to meet your needs or tap into one of the community's existing open source apps.

Easy to Integrate

Setting up MyMLH is super simple. Integrating it into your website can be as little as one line of code.

Covers your Needs

MyMLH has all the basic data you need from a hacker. Name, contact info, school, demographics, event preferences, and more.

Customizable & Extensible

Need something that MyMLH doesn't have out of the box? The API is easily extensible so you can collect whatever your need.

Trusted & Secure

Over 50,000 hackers participate in MLH events every year. MyMLH is a trusted brand and is built using best practices.

Open Source Community

The Community has created some amazing open source resources for MyMLH like Nucleus, built by the HackTX team.

  "status": "OK",
  "data": {
    "id": 1,
    "email": "[email protected]",
    "created_at": "2015-07-08T18:52:43Z",
    "updated_at": "2015-11-12T23:38:22Z",
    "first_name": "Grace",
    "last_name": "Hopper",
    "graduation": "1928-05-01",
    "major": "Computer Science",
    "shirt_size": "Women's - M",
    "dietary_restrictions": "None",
    "special_needs": "None",
    "date_of_birth": "1906-12-09",
    "gender": "Female",
    "phone_number": "+1 (555) 555-5555",
    "school": {
      "id": 201,
      "name": "Vassar College"

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Empower your Hackathon.

Hackathons around the world are using MyMLH to improve the hacker experience. MyMLH enables your team to focus on what really matters, not reinventing the wheel.

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“MyMLH made developing our hackathon attendee system a breeze! Not having to worry about basic and essential data collection and instead focus on the features we wanted for our event was a huge relief on our entire tech team.”

Robert Lynch

HackTX, Tech Director

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“MyMLH really simplified our workflow. We were able to deploy a professional hackathon application in less than 24 hours with no issues. The API is well documented and easy to use, and hackers really love not having to fill out repetitive fields!”

Andrew Hoang

BostonHacks, Lead Organizer

Testimonial3 83c26fd68737c6284c6f30febd3f529151fe8a9194d55cd1ab729146992939b7

“We leveraged MyMLH for registration at AstonHack, which meant less effort on our side. It was extremely easy to integrate and we didn’t have to store any personal participant information on our servers, which made UK data compliance a breeze.”

Aman Soni

AstonHacks, Organizer

The Community is adopting MyMLH.

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